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ork codex errata
« on: April 02, 2017, 01:17:52 PM »
hey guys this was something that i had done up a while back after loosing every game after the release of the ork dex unfortunately i have been so busy with work i havn't had the time to play test it. i guess i just didn't want it sitting on the shelf in case some one thought it was worth trying out to see if it makes orks a little more playable

I am using the current codex as my base as I would prefer to make slight adjustments to it

first i adjusted the special rules and wargear
pg54 waaagh! remove "if the model is your warlord".
pg92 mob rule remove pinning tests from it. modify it to a d3 and to st3 ( i had originally modified squabble to be a 13 or more, but have since struck that)
pg94 burna in close combat str+2 ap3 add rending ( i did see the comment on removing rending but feel that things like rending are where orks are lacking)
pg93 big choppa str +2 ap3 two handed cost 10pts
pg95 kustom mega weapons add melta to type, increae cost of kustom mega blasta to 10pts (it still gets hot )
pg98 boss pole re roll failed leadership tests
pg98 cybork body 5+ feel no pain
pg99 boarding planks add 2 inches to movement when disembarking
pg99 wrecking ball- d3 str9 ap4 hits to a target it moved within 3 inches of in the movement phase ( resolve in movement phase) does not count against weapons firing in shooting phase
pg98 rokkit pack add to orky know-wots at 15pts, may not be taken by models in mega armour or on warbikes

new-- gold toof chains- 5+ inv add to wargear of warboss and big mek
new-- kustom shoota 15 pts range 24" str 5 ap4 type= d3 at begining of game 1= more shooty assualt 3
2- more blasty assualt 1 small blast
3- dakka dakka +1 str -1 ap assualt 1

to make the next section easiest
add 'eavy armour to wargear of warboss, big mek, nob squads, flash gitz, pain boys, meks, and weird boys for free
allow all nobs and meks to take orky know-wots and runts and squgs * nobs and meks leading squads may not take warbikes mega armour or rokkit packs,( but entire nob squads can upgrade to rokkit packs)
add mega armour option to pain boys at 40 pts replacing his 'irty syringe for a killsaw and doks tools
add option for all other units of the infantry type (except gretchin ) to buy 'eavy armour
reduce points cost to upgrade to 'ard boyz by reducing 'eavy armour cost to 2pts for them
Add runts and squigs and orky know-wots to flash Fitz

force changes
pg55 wierd boy 0-1 per hq may take boss pole runts and squigs
pg56 mek 0-1 per hq may take boss pole 5pts orky know-wots and runts and squigs
pg58 painboy 0-1 per hq may take runts and squigs and orky know-wots
pg62 boys allow boys to take 1 special weapon for every 5 models add burna to the list of special weapons and allow them to upgrade extra nob at 25+ squad size
Pg66 nobs reduce pts to 15 per model
pg71 storm boyz one squad may include boss zagstruk without him taking up an hq slot
pg73 dakka jet increae front and side armour to 11 add 3rd supa shoota for free may take a big bomm for 15 points, upgrade to flyer wing, may take an additional 4 dakka jets
pg74 burna bomma increase front and side armour to 11 add 6 skorcha missles for free, upgrade to flyer wing, may take an additional 4 burna bommas
pg75 blitza bomma increase front a side armour to 11 reduce pts to 115, upgrade to flyer wing, may take an additional 4 blitza bommas
pg 85 flash gitz one squad may be lead by kaptain badrukk without him taking up an hq slot

new-- fast attack choice
mek gun trukks 80pts front side rear
fast, open topped 11 11 10
twin linked big shoota, may replace for twin linked rokkit launcha, or skorcha for free, or twin linked kustom mega blasta +15
may take options from ork vehicle equipment
must choice one : kustom mega kannon, smasha gun big zzzap gun* (forge world rules), or deffstorm mega shoota

add battlewagon to dedicated transport list for all squads other than gretchin
add big trakk from forgeworld dread mob as heavy support
add looted wagon increase points to 45-- adjust looted wagon to come with the 3 big shootas, rokkit launchas, or skorhas for free add to dedicated transports list for all squads other than gretchin add option to take zzzap gun at 10 pts kannon at 10 pts or killkannon at 30pts

deathskull loota force organization
compulsory              optional
1 big mek                    0-3 hq
3 troop                       0-6 troop
1 heavy support          0-3 elite
                                   0-4 fast attack
                                   0-4 heavy support

special rules: excellent mekanics  any mek may attempt to repair any vehicle that has been reduced to 0 hull points and has become a wreck as if they we making a normal repair with the exception of the d6 roll of 1-2 restores that number of hull points, 3-5 it remains a wreck, and on a 6 it explodes resolve as per normal vehicle explosion.
-in all other repair situations they repair on a

open to input and suggestions


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